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Depending on the products and services that your company provides, your needs are sure to vary widely. The first step toward honing your processes is to ensure you have the proper equipment for your company’s specific needs.

Fortunately, our weight calibration service provider recognizes just how diverse your needs can be. From the laboratory to manufacturing, the equipment you count on can vary greatly in size, function, and purpose.

Calibration weights and scales

Thanks to our state-of-the-art mass metrology laboratory, the team at Atlantic Scale is able to provide precision calibration weights to meet the specifications and requirements of your business. Additionally, we’re able to maintain and service your scales and balances to help ensure accuracy over time.

Our range of products and services, though, doesn’t end there. We’re also an authorized distributor of Mettler Toledo industrial scales and laboratory balances.

Range of Products Allows for Improved Accuracy

Through Mettler Toledo, we’re able to offer our customers a sprawling array of heavy capacity industrial scales to laboratory balances. In addition to these products, Atlantic Scale offers pipette calibration services, and other laboratory- and industrial-grade instruments to help your company attain precision and accuracy with your measurements.

The laboratory products, included micro-balances, analytical balances, precision top loading balances, and precision calibration weights to help you attain and maintain pinpoint accuracy. Regardless of sample size, we can help.

Industrial scales and balances

For the manufacturing industrial applications, Mettler Toledo offers a full range of industrial scales ranging from portable products up to full-size floor and heavy-duty scales. Scales and solutions for hazardous areas are available, as well as controllers, weighing terminals, and software.

Heavier capacity and transportation scales are available and can provide the necessary equipment for weighing and tracking your shipments. With scale options including trucks, rails, forklifts, and dynamic weighing, we can help you adapt to the unique properties of your outfit.

No matter what your needs are, Mettler Toledo and Atlantic Scale are the perfect pair when it comes to precision. For more information on the products we offer, or to set up a consultation, be sure to contact us online or to call our team at (973) 661-7090 today!