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Calibrating pipettes

In industries as hectic and precision-focused as the pharma, biotech, and medical device sectors, it can sometimes be easy to forget about the human element of customer service. Fortunately, the team at our pipette calibration company is as focused on personalized assistance as they are on precision work.

A perfect example is when we were recently contacted by one of our long-standing customers who was in desperate need of assistance. They had received word, just that day, of an upcoming audit beginning the following day at 1:00 PM. They needed to ensure that their last batch of pipettes for the month were completed prior to the arrival of the auditor.

A Custom Plan for an Unexpected Scenario

We immediately devised a plan to meet this challenging new deadline and assist our customer by dispatching one of our nearby technicians to acquire the pipettes and return them to the laboratory as quickly as possible. He returned to the lab at around 2:00PM that day, at which point the Atlantic Scale Instrumentation division pulled together as a cohesive unit and immediately began to process and prepare the incoming order while simultaneously building calibration test plans and verifying all specifications and limits for testing.

Precision pipette calibration

All told, the proverbial dust began to settle the following morning when were able to finish all As Found/As Left testing on all five of the pipettes by 10:00 AM the following morning – the day of the audit.

An hour-and-a-half drive brought the pipettes smoothly back to our client’s facilities, where they were delivered with just over an hour to spare before the audit was set to begin. While we’re sure our customers, like we do, prefer a bit more wiggle room, we’re thrilled to have provided a 22 hour door-to-door turnaround in a pinch to meet their needs!

Our clients come first at Atlantic Scale Company, and we’re always eager to help meet the demanding circumstances of their business. For more information on the services we provide, or to schedule an initial consultation, be sure to contact our pipette calibration company online or to call our team at (973) 661-7090 today!