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Regardless of your business, organization is one of the central keys to success. After all, organizational skills are prized among candidates when you’re seeking to fill a role. Nowhere is this more true than in industries like the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device fields, where precision and accuracy are key.

At our weight calibration company, we recognize how important accuracy and organization are for our clients. We also know that even the most diligent teams can face unexpected issues, as one of our clients recently did.

Quick Access Covers All Bases

The Atlantic Scale Instrumentation Department is routinely asked to assist in providing supporting documentation in the event of an audit or incident at a customer’s site. A recent scenario played out when one of our customers asked us to assist them during a recent FDA audit by providing documents that the client had unfortunately lost during the recent transition from one facility to a newer location.

The FDA auditor had requested the calibration documentation on multiple types of equipment, including equipment from both their manufacturing line and their quality laboratory. As the Atlantic Scale Instrumentation Division maintains all its certificates and records in a CFR Part 11 compliant database, we were easily able to retrieve all the certificates requested by the customer expeditiously.

Calibration weight company

After retrieving the documents, we immediately sent them to our contact in electronic PDF format. Within the hour, we had assisted in averting a major crisis for our customer after conditions beyond their control had left them in a lurch.

For customer convenience, we provide calibration certificates with each weight calibration or calibration weight purchase. We also offer more condensed traceable certificates. All of these documents are easily accessed online through our site, as well, for quick reference.

To learn more about our calibration services, including our extensive documentation and ease of access, be sure to contact us online or to call our expert team at (973) 661-7090 today!