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In every industry, the standards for performance are sure to vary to some degree. For some businesses, the expectations for equipment performance may be somewhat lax. In the pharmaceutical industry, though, precision is positively critical.

Fortunately, the team at Atlantic Scale Company has over 35 years of serving businesses in the pharma industry. We recognize the importance of precision and accuracy for your team, as well as the need for detailed reporting and documentation.

Pharmaceutical equipment calibration

Range of Services Tailored to Pharmaceutical Industry’s Needs

The equipment in your facility needs to be properly maintained for accurate results, and that’s precisely what our instrumentation team specializes in. We offer a wide range of services beyond weight and pipette calibration for your pharmaceutical business.

We also offer service for a broad variety of other equipment, including temperature, pressure, humidity, electrical, and field instruments and data loggers. Of course, we also offer new calibration weights and weight sets to suit your needs, including custom weight sets when needed.

With each calibration, our team issues a detailed report to track the event. This includes data to meet GMP, ISO 17025, or any of the other stringent requirements characteristic of the pharmaceutical industry. For your convenience, these reports are also stored online on our secure server for your quick and easy access.

Depending on your location, we offer both on- and off-site services to minimize downtime while your weights, pipettes, or other equipment are serviced. We also offer free technical consulting for all of our customers, such as advisement while setting up an internal weight verification program to comply with USP Chapters 41 and 1251 and any other regulatory compliance needs.

For the expert knowledge and custom service that your company deserves, be sure to contact our weight calibration company to schedule an initial consultation. Our professional team is eager to provide the precision services that your business depends on!