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Over the years, both family cooks and expert chefs alike have commented time and time again regarding the importance of cleanliness in the kitchen. In an environment so fixated on recipes, ingredients, and precision, it’s important to remain diligent with cleanliness to achieve the results you want.

The exact same is true in your lab. While you likely maintain stringent standards when it comes to cleaning the lab, it isn’t enough to simply to wipe down the countertops and do the dishes – you can’t forget your utensils. In other words, the cleanliness of your lab goes out the window if your using instruments that haven’t been properly cleaned.

At our pipette calibration company, our instrument calibration experts know that you depend on precision and accuracy when it comes to your equipment. For improved performance, be sure to clean your pipettes regularly.

How to Clean Your Pipettes Between Calibrations

As you know, an unclean pipette can be trouble. Contaminants or all varieties can affect the performance of the instrument, while biological or chemical materials can be harmful to users, as well as to your work on the whole.

Cleaning the exterior of your pipettes is fairly straightforward. In most cases, the outside can be sprayed with a typical household or laboratory cleaning agent and then wiped down. For sterilization, be sure to let the agent sit for at least 10 minutes before wiping it away.

Pipette cleaning and calibration

For the interior, use a cotton swab to remove any clogs or residue. Be sure to fully disassemble the pipette, rinsing cavities and pistons with distilled water and lubricating the pistons appropriately before reassembly.

In the event that you’re cleaning specific contaminants from your equipment, it’s crucial that you use the appropriate solvent or material to remove the contaminant. The appropriate course of action is typically noted with the specific contaminant.

In addition to cleaning your pipettes regularly, it’s important to have them calibrated frequently to ensure accuracy in your work. For more information on our cleaning, refurbishing, and calibration services, be sure to contact Atlantic Scale online or to call our team at (973) 661-7090 today!