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Growing up, household chores tended to be things that you took care of simply because someone else said so. Knowing the reasoning for a particular task, though, can go a long way toward getting helpers on board with following through on necessary tasks.

The same is true in a professional setting. You and your team know that it’s necessary to periodically calibrate your weights and balances, or to send them off to a professional weight calibration company. Without understanding the basics of why this is necessary, though, it can be easy to delay or ignore necessary maintenance. So, why does this equipment require regular attention?

Ensuring Initial Accuracy

Weight calibration service providerOn a basic level, instruments like scales, balances, and weights are tools that we use to achieve a desired result. Like any other tool, these are designed and made for a specific purpose that requires accuracy.

You might expect new equipment to perform perfectly upon arrival, but you’d be mistaken. Ask any carpenter, and they’ll tell you that chisels and saws don’t arrive properly sharpened and ready for work; the same is true of your calibration weights and balances. Despite rigid quality assurance, your new equipment needs to be properly set up and serviced upon arrival.

Keeping Everything Perfectly Aligned

As time goes on, any piece of equipment that you use needs to be properly maintained. While precision lab equipment is engineered for accuracy and consistency, that same precision also requires regular upkeep.

Seemingly negligible factors, like atmospheric pressure and gravity, change from locale to locale. Laboratory-grade equipment is typically more sensitive to these types of changes. For this reason, regular maintenance in a controlled environment like Atlantic Scale’s mass metrology lab is key to adjusting to changes over time.

In short, calibrating your weights and balances regularly is crucial to maintaining the accuracy that businesses in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device field depend on. For more information on professional calibration, or to schedule a consultation, be sure to contact us online or to call Atlantic Scale Company at (973) 661-7090 today!